Introducing ZINC group


from left to the right (Renny-Yosa-Ardhi-Joyo-Defuri)

Hi,let’s start with introduction,first,we have Ardhi as our leader, the guy with glasses in the middle (have a look on the picture above). We have Renny, the girl  in the left as our administrator. She is responsible over the management and maintenance of this blog. We also have Yosa, guy in white shirt. He is responsible on presenting and creating presentation. And last but not least we have Defuri and Joyo (they are in the right side). They take role as our frontliners by dealing with the institutions which become prospective interview targets

ZINC is abbreviation for Zone of Internal Communication. This group will share our experiences on internal communication learning in our university, Universitas Brawijaya. As the first project, we will share our experiences on analysing and comparing the internal public of private and public institution. We have had interviews with several internal public in SMA Negeri 4 Malang and SMA Panjura Malang by asking them several questions regarding the customs, characteristic, and regulations in those schools as material of comparison. We hope, that our experience will be beneficial for all users and visitors of this blog 🙂

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